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Dr. Christy Wise

Show your team how they can leverage relationships to improve company culture and success.

From small rooms to big stages, Dr. Christy Wise helps entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies use the power of relationships to improve customer retention, lower employee turnover, and raise productivity.

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Dr. Christy Wise shows teams what they can accomplish with the right relationship focus

Leaders, Not Bosses: Improve Productivity With Healthy Relationships

No matter how big or small your organization may be, success starts at the top. If your managers are acting as bosses instead of leaders, your company is losing money. Period.

But Dr. Christy Wise can show you how to change all that with a few simple tweaks that employees, managers, and business owners of any experience level can implement today for maximum results!

How to Communicate Your Way to Higher Profits (and bigger bonuses for all!)

Employees love being appreciated – especially with a nice bonus. But before you can give your people bonuses, you need growth.

This electric presentation from Dr. Christy Wise shows your team how to turn communication into their biggest asset in order to increase customer retention, grow sales, and bring in bigger bonuses for everyone as a result!

"That's what she said:" A Woman's Guide to Breaking Glass Ceilings

Just 4 years ago, women owned less than 20% of US businesses.

But that’s changing fast. In 2021, 1,821 new female-owned businesses were started each day.

As a successful female business owner and coach, Dr. Christy Wise has mastered the art of breaking glass ceilings. And in this powerful, moving talk, Christy helps women do the same, regardless of if you’re a business owner or competing for a larger role in a male dominated company.

Popular Keynote Topics

Dr. Christy Wise will show your team what they can accomplish with the right relationship foundations.

Find the Right Relationships: A Networking Guide for Small Businesses

Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better. Startups and small companies have several advantages over big businesses, and none is more important than relationships.

In this dynamic talk, Dr. Christy Wise shows you how to identify, foster, and maintain the RIGHT relationships for your small business to help you level the playing field against the competition and take your company to the next level.

From Teamwork to Dream Work: Half the Effort and Double the Productivity

Jobs don’t have to “feel” like work. In fact, the more your team can mesh together, the happier – and more productive – your team will be.

Dr. Christy Wise’s system for clear communication and healthy relationships is the key to unlocking that improved productivity, and she shares it in this one-of-a-kind keynote presentation your entire company will want to hear over and over again.

Becoming a Beacon: How to Build a Culture That Attracts the Industry's Best Talent

The best companies achieve that status by finding, recruiting, and keeping the best talent. And those employees come for culture, not just salary.

But what makes a winning culture? And more importantly, how do you tell if your company culture is broken?

Dr. Christy Wise lays out her powerful culture roadmap in this fan favorite keynote presentation that your entire team will love.

Alan has been and continues to be a tremendously beneficial in helping me figure things out with my career. He is a great counselor, with tremendously positive energy, and a great person. Working with him is worth every cent.

Ben Hogan — MyCompany International . President & CEO

Engaging in conversation and connecting for me is just as real as a blind person seeing for the first time... Human connection is more powerful and fulfilling then any high from medication, shopping, drinking etc.

Joe Wilson

I saw her because I really wanted to recreate myself after a rough spot in my life. I had the sense that this doctor REALLY cares about my whole being. If I had to give her stars, I would take the 5 and add 5 more stars!

Mary Wilson — Company . Role

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