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Dr. Christy Wise

Motivational Leader, Coach, Consultant, Key Note Speaker, Consultant and Educator.

An Expert at Empowering and Strengthening Commitments to Vision, Growth and Creating Measurable Change

Extensive Education and Experience in the Behavioral Health, Psychology, Education, and Group Training arenas

Highly Sought-out Professional; Guest Appearances, Presenter, Lecturer and Author

Leading Edge Program Development and Creative Implementation. Accountability, Loyalty, and Results-Driven

Educational background

California School of Professional Psychology – PSY. D. Clinical Psychology (With A Medical Emphasis)
California School of Professional Psychology – MA. Clinical Psychology (With A Medical Emphasis)
Pepperdine University – MA, Clinical Psychology –Graduated With Full Honors -PSY CHI
University of Arizona – Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Family Studies 
Certified Executive Consultant/Coach
Certified Mediator/Expert Court Appointed Expert Testimony
Clinical Psychologist 2000 – 2013
Retired Certified 730 Court-ordered Child Custody Evaluater

What People Are Saying

My gratitude runs so deep, it’s almost hard to express! I had been to a ridiculous number of therapists/coaches in my life, read every self-help book I could find but since working with Dr. Wise, I’ve actually found (and like) myself and came out of my shell. With her help, I created and transformed myself into the woman I’ve always wanted to be (and the woman she always saw in me). I lost all of the weight (97.5 lbs.) I’ve learned how to trust men (and forgive them) and found the love of my life (and got married last fall). With her continued help, and coaching I’m now learning to be a great wife and loving mom. She has been the one angel in my life, that I can count on to help transform my fears and anxiety and help me find the power in them. What a hard road we’ve been on, and she was there every step of the way. I thank God for her!

A.R. - grateful client!

My wife and I were married for 13 years when, I stupidly got caught cheating. It was seriously the darkest part of my life and I really thought I was going to lose her. I wasn’t even sure she’d be willing to work on it with me, but thankfully her friend encouraged us to see Dr. Wise. I walked in with my tail between my legs, expecting them to gang up on me and tell me what a dick I was, but I couldn’t believe how understanding, and compassionate she was. There was no judgement and instead she helped us figure out how to turn our broken marriage into a fiery love affair. I did not see that coming! We learned how to communicate and accomplish goals together. We now use love, trust and passion as the foundation for our marriage. She turned our tragedy into a reason to transform the marriage!

Bob and Alyssa

I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Christy on and off for over 14 years. Many years ago, in therapy and currently as my personal Coach and Business Consultant. Her commitment to creating a lasting impact for her clients and around the world has become contagious across my entire company. My staff have begun to work together to organize community outreach programs to help feed the homeless on their own time, because of the work they have done with her. With her wisdom and persistence, I finally had the courage to take a stronger hold of my life and my business and take them to the next level. For the first time in my life, I feel fierce on the outside but peaceful and calm on the inside. If you’re stuck and ready do something about it, Dr. Christy is the one to help get you there. I am really proud of what I’ve accomplished, thank you again Dr. Wise.

Bethany C. B.

Our Intention

Utilizing a powerfully transnational approach we inspire, motivate, and create measurable change with accountability and integrity. We are passionate about creating a true impact while artfully revealing one’s ability to fully evolve. We consistently help our clients reveal their true potential and powerfully show up as their best self. Utilizing extensive education, modern techniques and decades of proven success, we know the winning formula. Lasting success is driven by authentic, clean relationships, clear vision, and bold intention, along with shared purpose and true generosity. We help people learn how to connect with their clients, teams, partners and themselves in a way they had never before. We accomplish this through our rigorous coaching, training, keynote speaking, and workshops. Utilizing traditional structure with contemporary research-based experiential intensives, our clients are able to gain clarity and breakthrough in order to reveal what stands in their way. While our clients are incredibly diverse in nature, it has been our life’s work and greatest honor to have served thousands of clients, organizations, sports teams and entertainment industry. Are you ready to put your Balls To The Wall?! If so… We’ve got you!