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Relationship Assessment Quiz

Finding out where you are today can help you create where you want to go tomorrow.

Take this quick and easy relationship quiz to measure your current feelings about relationships. While I recognize that our emotions can often change from day to day depending on the situation, you should answer the questions with the first answer that pops into your mind. This test is just meant to be an informational tool and should not be used as a formal diagnostic assessment. Please be very honest when answering these questions to ensure the most accurate outcome possible. You can use the information from this Relationship Assessment as a starting point so you can get a visible idea of your progress along the way. While the suggestion of being honest with your answers seems to be glaringly obvious, you’d be stunned at our lack of personal insight. While we think we are so aware of our thoughts and opinions, that isn’t always the case. Additionally, we believe we know exactly how our partner would answer – again, not always the case. Learning to take an honest look at oneself is an excellent first step towards making a journey to enriching your relationship and learning to relight the fire. Have fun!

Ground Rules: To have the freedom to answer honestly, you must suspend all judgments, opinions, interpretations, grunts, moans, and eye rolls from yourself and your partner.

Answer True or False to the following questions:

(Keep count of how many you answered True or False for your final score!)

Relationship Identity

  1. I feel a lot of pressure to make others happy.
  2. I often feel insecure & uncertain about myself or my actions.
  3. My partner’s approval is significant to me.
  4. I have a great sense of humor and make people laugh.
  5. Sometimes I just agree to avoid a fight.
  6. I am not one to commit to a relationship very quickly.
  7. I sometimes have a difficult time asking for help when I want it.
  8. I think I do just fine on my own and do not usually want help.
  9. I have a hard time letting go of hurt feelings.
  10. I often feel criticized by the people close to me.
  11. I usually take care of others before I take care of myself.
  12. It takes me time to commit to a relationship.
  13. I am always waiting for “the other shoe to drop” in my relationship.
  14. I realize that I can be a little needy in my relationship.
  15. I’m pretty proud of my past relationships.


  1. I enjoy receiving sexual pleasure.
  2. I view myself as a good sex partner.
  3. I want passion & romance and usually initiate it.
  4. I have the sex life that I always dreamt of having.
  5. I actively look for opportunities to have sex.
  6. I rarely fake orgasms.
  7. I am a romantic person.
  8. I wait for my partner to initiate sex.
  9. I am the one who initiates sex typically.
  10. My partner and I use fantasy and play quickly during sex.
  11. I am pretty clear about how to please my partner
  12. I am always open to trying new things.
  13. I can get my partner easily revved up.
  14. I can usually get myself easily revved up.
  15. I would be embarrassed to get caught masturbating.

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