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12 Guaranteed Ways to Have Super-Hot Sex

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How to Increase Sex Drive for Women

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Life Sauce Coaching, Consulting and other Services Disclaimer:

All clients are aware that the coaching relationship is not to psychological counseling or any kind of therapy.  Coaching does not treat illness or pathology.  The client is also aware that Coaching results cannot be guaranteed.  The client agrees that he/she is entering into coaching understanding that the Client is responsible for their own decisions and results.  The Client also agrees to hold the coach free from all liability for any actions or results for adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of a referral or other advice given by the Coach.

The client understands the is a difference between coaching and psychotherapy and is opting to do Coaching/consulting/educational work with Life Sauce. 

Confidentiality: The Coach and Client recognize that the nature of the coaching relationship involves the passing of personal and business information that may be highly confidential. As such, the Coach agrees that, unless express permission is granted, all coaching calls and conversations and written communications remain completely confidential between the Coach and Client, except where prohibited by law.

I understand the boundaries of confidentiality clearly. If there is any concern that I may hurt myself, or others, I can expect confidentiality to be broken. I have read and understood all conditions of my work with Life Sauce and understand that I can ask for clarification on anything at any time.