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From Breakup to Breakthrough

From Breakup to Breakthrough: 5 Steps to Surviving & Thriving After Heartbreak is not just for those who have recently experienced a breakup, but for anyone living life with a heavy heart and has been hurt by the anguish of the loss of love.

Step 1: Heartbreak 101

(Deal with the initial pain, preparation and tools for what’s ahead)

  • Focus on YOU and what you’ve gone through
  • Confront and deal with your broken heart
  • Mourn the loss and make sound choices about what’s next
Step 2: The Reboot

(Letting go, lessons learned, and immediate relief)

  • Learn exactly what to do and not to do
  • Understand the grieving process and where you are
  • Let go of anger and find relief
  • Discover self-compassion and find closure
Step 3: Taking Back The Wheel

(Putting yourself back together)

  • Understand the common mistakes and avoid them
  • Learn to forgive yourself (and them)
  • Discover your inner strength and live courageously
  • Let go of fear and sadness
Step 4: On Your Mark, Get Set, GROW

(Moving Forward and gaining momentum)

  • Redefine who YOU really are
  • Discover what is important to you for future relationships
  • Take action on your new beginnings
Step 5: Ready, Set, ACTION!

(Feeling confident and getting back out there)

  • Learn to embrace your new life with brand new possibilities
  • Enjoy a renewed sense of excitement
  • Discover your ideal partner and attracting them

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